We are so proud of our team! Between us we have the knowledge required to professionally handle small and large jobs...and have fun while doing so.

Iris Anette Olsen 


Psychology, Honours degree

Iris has several long trips in her book of adventures, and she particularly enjoyes alpine challenges. As a specialist in leadership and organizational psychology she is well known for her ability work with organizations in crisis.

Iris also leads the child-welfare department in the city of Arendal.

Lars Verket

Cooperation partner

Life-strength coach.

Lars is our own version of famed eco-philosopher Arne Næss and superb speaker. He has written several books, is a fantastic photographer and has presented sea kayaking as a way of life to the public. Among his educations is a Bachelor degree in outdoor life.

Lars is also a coach at Eiken rehabilitation centre.

Gunnar Oland Åsen

Cooperation partner

Specialist in clinical psychology

Gunnar is a man from the deep forrests but who loves the sea. If there is any food down beneath the surface it will eventually end on our dinner plates. He crisscrosses Europe on his bicycle and rumours say that even longer adventures are being planned. 

Gunnar is also a leader and outdoor therapist at Sørlandet hospital.

Sofia Hjorth

Cooperation partner

Bachelor of sports and outdoor leadership. Masterstudent

Sophia is really good at leading groups into the wild, and her knowledge of the nature that surrounds us is so inspiring. She has a caring way of mixing hard and soft skills, and her sober safety assessments are swiftly replaced by barefoot yoga.

Sophia is for the time being in Australia to learn more about outdoor therapy, surfing, and in between finish her Master thesis.


Cooperation partner 

Siberian Husky

Blues is a polar dog that insists that his life consists of running, pulling and hunting. He loves people and allows anyone who wishes so to interact with him. When he howles towards the moon it´s like being in one of Jack Londons´ novels.