Let us be your partner in Norway

We have been playing here all our lives. With our help your outdoor therapy travel to Norway will be simpler, safer and more fun. This allows you to focus on what really matters - the impact of your program.

You might want to know that everything we do is based on 100% voluntary client participation. We also believe in interdisciplinary teams, and that nurturing peoples strengths is equally important as targeting their challenges.

"You made a big difference in my life"
"I wish my leaders were here to experience what I am experiencing right now"

Plan in detail an expedition to fit your needs

  • Coastal archipelagos and fjords, deep forests and rivers, high terrain plateaus and alpine mountains.
  • Hiking, skiing, kayaking, canoeing.
  • All seasons.

Join your adventure therapy expedition;

  • as your co-therapist.
  • as your local guide into friluftsliv; Nordic open-air life.
  • as your cultural storyteller of the places we travel.
  • All seasons.

Take care of your logistics and practical issues

  • Regulations, transports, maps, DNT huts etc.
  • Deployment of food and equipment depots in the wild.
  • Arrange rental and transportation of canoes, kayaks, tents etc.
  • Serve as standby back-up and provide medical assistance.

Provide inspiration, lectures, courses and research

  • Provide a Nordic view upon your work. We would love to come along on your program for a day or three...
  • ...or simply be your creative discussion partner.
  • Outdoor therapy focused lectures and courses in English or Norwegian.
  • Evaluation and research projects - as your discussion partner, supervisor, co-researcher or project leader.